Valentines Watches for Men

No, don’t get him a heart-shaped watch. Instead get him a watch he’s been secretly craving for, and which will make him think of you everytime he looks at it.

Here are some ideas:

Diver Watches

If your man likes swimming, boating or diving, a divers watch is ideal. Even if he doesn’t do any of those things, diver watches are so matcho and rugged, that by getting him one, you are implying that you think he can do all those things.

The best diver watches are by Seiko. They’ve developed a “monster” range that are water resistent to 200 meters (660 feet). The motion is driven by the movement of the wrist (so they don’t need batteries) and they usually come with stainless steel cases. You can select from a range that either has a stainless steel link strap or a urethane strap – see below:

Bulova Mens Watches

You might also want to consider a Bulova watch. They are water-resistant to 100 meters (330 feet) and run on Japanese quartz crystal movements. They come with genuine leather straps with stainless steel buckles.

Here are a selection: