Valentine Gifts for Husbands – the Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Remote Control

doctor who sonic screwdriver remote controlYou know how it is with husbands – they love their remote controls. And if he’s a Doctor Who fan as well – make him happy by getting him this universal remote control that comes in a sonic screwdriver style that would make Doctor Who proud.

This remote control is made to look like the sonic screwdriver in the latest series – it’s die cast metal and copper plated, with a green tip that lights up.

It is compatible with TV’s, blue-rays, iPod docks and pretty much most home entertainment media (though note it cannot control RF systems such as the Playstation3 or X-Box).

The remote control is gesture based – there are 13 gestures (flicking, tapping, rotating etc) that control the device (and you can use them with the Doctor Who sounds built in, or in Quiet Mode).

There’s a guided set-up prompt with spoken commands to help you learn which gesture does what, as well as an illustrated manual.

It has three memory banks and a total of 39 commands can be stored within it.

It’s pretty much the perfect gift for your sci-fi loving husband this valentines.