The Best Mold Removal Products

Mold is a toxic fungus that grows in humid areas of a home, such as shower curtains, shower stall ceilings, basements, laundry rooms, and even kitchens. It is a black fungus that can grow in kitchen cabinets, on walls of the bathroom and shower, doors, wood, windows, under carpets, and under sinks.

Most mold problems start with water. If a room has been flooded there is a good chance that mold will start soon after. If a person has a leaky roof from rain where the water has flowed down the walls and ceilings there will be a mold and mildew problem. The mold will usually start after mildew sets in. Getting rid of mold will consist of finding the root of the problem and then combating it from the source – you need to stop the water leaks before you get started on removing the fungus.

The best black mold removal products are organic enzyme type of products that attack the fungus and prevent it regrowing – when cleaning it you don’t just want to remove the fungus, but to also keep it from coming back. This can be done by purchasing an industrial mold kit. One part of the kit is the cleaner and the other part is a an agent that will encapsulate the mold spores from dispersing to any other parts of a home.

A type of mold cleaner that encapsulates spores as well as cleaning the existing fungus is called Safe Shield which keeps the fungus from resurfacing.

The best basement black mold removal products are vinegar and baking soda. Use straight vinegar on the spots of mildew and fungus spores and leave it to soak in for up to ten minutes. Once the vinegar has soaked in it can then be cleaned. Baking soda can also be used in the place of vinegar if people cannot take the smell of vinegar. Baking soda has high PH levels that assimilates the spores so that they do not grow back. Mold is a toxin that can be dangerous to the lungs, nose, and throat area. It is a good idea to wear a mask over the face and gloves while cleaning mold spores that can dissipate into the air. Using an Ozone cleaner to spray in the air will capture the remaining spores that are not visible in the air and destroy them.

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