Royal Engagement Rings

This page looks at some of the famous engagement rings worn by royalty and advises where you can get something similar.

Grace Kelly’s Engagement Ring

grace kelly's engagement ring

When Prince Rainier of Monaco got engaged to Grace Kelly (who became Princess Grace), he gave her an enormous square cut solitaire diamond ring. This was a classic design which suited Grace Kelly’s style.

After her engagement, she shot the movie High Society before sailing to Monaco to get married, and she wore her ring in the movie, as you can see in the screenshot above.


Kate Middleton’s Engagement Ring

kate middleton's engagement ring

Kate Middleton married Prince William in April 2011, and to mark his engagement, he gave her the stunning diamond and sapphire ring that used to belong to his mother Princess Diana.

The ring has 14 diamonds circling an 18 carat oval sapphire and is worth a six figure sum – in reality it’s priceless because of the association with Princess Diana – but you can get a real diamond and sapphire ring for a bit less, see right:

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark’s engagement ring

princess mary of denmark engagement ring

When Crown Prince Frederick of Denmark proposed to Mary Donaldson of Australia, he gave her a ring with a square diamond surrounded by two square rubies, in the colours of the Danish flag.

Queen Elizabeth II’s engagement ring

Elizabeth II engagement ring

Princess Elizabeth as she was then, got engaged to Prince Philip of Greece just after WW2 ended. He was cash-strapped, so the ring was made from the diamonds taken from an old tiara that belonged to his mother Princess Alice of Greece (thank goodness for old family heirlooms!)

It was a platinum ring, with a 3 carat diamond in the centre flanked by eight diamonds, four on each side.

The size of the jewels are modest compared to Princess Diana’s/Kate Middleton’s ring, but I think they suited Elizabeth. If you like Antique-Vintage engagement rings see above right:

Why give a diamond engagement ring?

The practice of giving a diamond ring to mark an engagement started in the 1950’s (prior to that only one ring was given, the wedding ring), and giving an engagement ring to the woman you love has rapidly become one of the rituals of getting married. Famous diamond retailers such as Tiffany’s promoted diamonds as a symbol of love, and of course the Marilyn Monroe movie, “Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend” cemented the association of diamonds with love.