How To Choose The Best Home Alarm System

There are so many types of home alarm system, it can be hard to choose the best one. Here’s a run down on the most popular types:

The most basic burglar alarm system is what is known as a “bells-only” system. Motion detectors are installed in the main parts of the home, and sensors are installed on the windows and doors, and it simply sounds an alarm if the system detects an intrusion. With the bells only system you are relying on your neighbours to call the police on your behalf if they hear the alarm going off. This is the cheapest form of alarm, you pay a one time fee to purchase and install it, or you can install it yourself.

A good example of a bells only system is the battery operated GE 51107 wireless home alarm system shown right. You don’t need to do any drilling or wiring to install it – instead you simply mount it using double sided tape.

The next type is a monitoring system, where your alarm is connected to a monitoring service which contacts the householder by SMS, email or a designated phone number to to alert him if the alarm has gone off. It is then up to the householder to contact the police or get a friend or member of the family to check on the house. The monitoring service usually comes with a monthly fee on top of the installation charge, but is recommended for households who do not have friendly neighbours at home during the day.

The most expensive type of home alarm system is one where the alarm is connected to your local police service station. When it goes off, the alert goes directly to the police, and the householder is alerted as well. This system involves a higher monthly fee than the basic monitoring system, but if you have expensive goods in your house, it is probably wiser to choose this option in order to avoid delays in the police response. Please note however that some police forces get irritated if they get too many false alarms, and will decline to allow you to remain on their register.