Green Amethyst Jewelry

Green amethyst, also known as Prasiolite, is a member of the quartz family and has the same structure as purple amethyst. Prasiolite is amethyst that has been subjected to heat – the heat turns changes the traditional purple to yellow – and very occassionaly to green.

Almost all green amethyst comes from a mine in Brazil where natural conditions were just right to turn the purple into green. You do get some lab made green amethyst where natural purple amethyst is subjected to controlled heat to turn it green.

The result is a lovely clear cool green, some of which is glass like, and others which are deeper in hue, which is becoming more and more popular in jewelry. We list some examples of green amethyst jewelry on this page.

Green amethyst engagement rings

Green amethyst is currently a fashionable gemstone for engagement rings.

The least expensive versions are set in silver – though if you want to go more expensive, you can choose green amethyst set in platinum or white gold and surrounded in diamonds.

Because of the cool color of this stone, it is rarely set in yellow gold

Green amethyst earrings

This gemstone also makes delicate classy looking earrings (particularly if you have fair/blonde coloring).

Again, the price of the earrings depends on the settings. If set in silver, it is relatively inexpensive, but becomes costlier if set in white gold or platinum.

Green amethyst pendants

Team the amethyst earrings with a discreet green amethyst pendant.

The examples right are set in silver, with the addition of cubic zirconia to make the amethyst pop out, and come with sterling silver chains.