Dog Sweatshirts

If you have a big dog that you feel would look silly in a dog snuggie, then opt for a dog sweatshirt instead.

Dog sweatshirts have a cooler image, and instead of cute pink and blue, they come in “tougher” colors like camouflage, as seen in the images right.

Dog sweatshirts are made from poly-cotton sweatshirting material, usually have hoodies built in, and some even come with pockets!

Naturally they are machine washable.

My advice is to go for a slightly larger size than normal so that the sweatshirt hangs loose and comfortably on your dog.

Care fact: Loose clothing is better for dogs than tight clothing. If clothes are too tight, sores can occur. If clothes are too tight, overheating can also occur leaving the animal distressed. And if a dog has long fur and you persistently put it in clothes, it could develop bald patches.

When you come indoors after a walk, remove the sweatshirt/clothes and allow the dog to relax in the house in it’s natural state.