Comfort U Maternity Pillow

comfort u ergonomic body pillowFor the taller pregnant woman, the Comfort U maternity pillow works well, mainly because it’s so big.

It was originally designed to alleviate back pain, but pregnant women discovered it was ideal to support both their backs and their baby bump. It has a horseshoe shape, which helps keep you on your side while you sleep. You can either use it as in the picture, or invert the horseshoe so it goes around your feet with your normal pillow under your head.

It comes with a pillow case that zippers off and is machine washable.

Please note that this is a big pillow – it works best in a king sized bed, but at a pinch, if you are willing to banish your husband to the spare room, it will fit in a standard double bed.

It comes with free shipping, see below: