Blue Nail Polish and Beyonce

Ever since baby Blue Ivy arrived, proud mother Beyonce has been sported everywhere wearing different shades of blue on her nails. Obviously just the color makes her think about her baby!

Here are some of the shades of blue Beyonce has been wearing, plus some suggestions of where you can get a similar shade:

beyonce blue nail polish
In the image right she’s wearing a pretty blue-green or teal shade.

The closest match is the following Opi Nicki Minaj nail varnish:

beyonce blue nail polish 2
In the picture right, she’s wearing a brighter shade.

The closest match I could find was the China Glaze Towel Boy Toy (I know, weird name!)

beyonce blue nail varnish 3
She’s wearing cobalt blue right (and she’s got IV tattooed on her finger – short for Ivy)

We know it’s by Nails Inc because her manicurist tweeted about it – see below for where you can get it:

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