Best Dish Soap Brands

When you choose a dish soap, you want it to be mild enough so that it doesn’t hurt your hands, but strong enough so that it lifts off grease from the pots, pans and dishes you are washing.

Here are the best dish soap brands available:

Seventh Generation Dish Soap Liquid

This comes in a pack of six 25 ounce bottles. It is hypo allergenic and kind on the hands. It is also biodegradable (and thus eco griendly), as it contains no petroleum based ingredients nor any artificial chemicals. Best of all it lifts grease just as well as any other “name brand”.

You can get it in three scents, lavender and mint, lemongrass and clementine, and free and clear (no scent). Amazon are selling the six packs with free shipping in the mainland USA – see right.

Ecover Dishwashing Liquid

Ecover’s dish soap comes in 16 ounce bottles in packs of twelve. Because this is a “green” brand, there is no testing on animals, it’s biodegradable and safe for the environment. The lemon fragrance is plant-based, and not made with synthetic fragrances. They’ve also added aloe vera to the liquid to make it kind on the hands.

Does it do a good job of getting grease off your dishes? Yes. The 2006 Consumer Reports testing of dish soap placed Ecover at number one for performance and it is usually in the top three most years.

Amazon are selling the packs of twelve with free delivery.

GrabGreen Dishwashing Liquid

GrabGreen specialise in eco friendly home products and their dish soap is gentle, non toxic, biodegradable and phosphate free. Best of all, if you have sensitive skin (are prone to rashes and eczema) this dish soap appears to be one of the best for lack of irritation.

Their dish soap comes in a fragrance free version, a tangerine with lemongrass version and a thyme with fig leaf version. Amazon are selling 16 ounce packs of two bottles with free delivery.