Dog Sweaters

If your dog has been bred to have very short fur, it may benefit from wearing a warm sweater when you take it out for walks.

You can get a variety of sweaters made from acrylic, which is machine washable, and which look good on the dog and will keep it snug.

They fasten with velcro under the belly and have a hole at the neck so you can easily attach a leash to it's collar.

There are no leg straps – these sweaters are designed to keep the top part of the back warm.

They come in cute blue or pink and have motifs sewn onto them, and you can also get traditional sweater patterns like Nordic and Fair-isle.

Care fact: Remember that because dogs have fur, they will always feel warmer than you do. And they cannot sweat to cool down the way a human can. Therefore rule of thumb is that when you go out for a walk, they need to wear fewer layers than you are, and if they start panting it's a sign they are overheating, so remove the sweater so they can cool down.

Snuggies for dogs may be a better option than sweaters because they are looser and allow some air between the animal and the garment.

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