The history of man made diamonds

Man made diamonds, also known as cubic zirconia, were first made in the 1930’s when German scientists found that they could grow perfect crystals from zirconium oxide at very high temperatures. However they found it extremely difficult to manufacture because the man made crucibles holding the oxide couldn’t really withstand the extremely high temperatures required. […]

Black Nail Polish

Black nail polish first appeared a few years ago when Chanel (who else) launched their satin version. Since then it’s gone mainstream and looks like it will stay, as it lends a classy but edgy feel to your look. One of the advantages of black nail polish is that you can wear it with everything […]

Where Do Opals Come From?

Opals are the national gemstone of Australia, as it is there that 95% of the world’s opals are found (though some are found in South America, Africa and some parts of the United States). They tend to be multi-hued, and Aboriginal legend describes their creation as a result of the creator riding down to earth […]

iPhone Gloves

iPhone gloves are also known as “texting gloves” or “touchscreen gloves” and this is because unlike normal gloves, they allow you to use the touchscreen of your iPhone or iPad while keeping your hands nice and warm. For anyone who has tried to use their iPhone while outside in the freezing cold, these are a […]

Gel Nail Polish

Gel Nail polish is a new innovation in nail polish technology, which makes the nail polish last for up to three weeks no matter how frequently you wash your hands. Here’s how it is done. First you wash and dry your hands and nails. Then an emery board is used across the entire surface of […]

Recovering Gold From Scrap

Gold isn’t just used in jewelry, it’s used in electronic equiment too, because it conducts electricity so well, but does not react with other elements and corrode. As a result old computers, laptops and other electrical goods contain gold in them. Because the price of gold is so high, it’s worth retrieving scrap gold and […]

Valentines Watches for Men

No, don’t get him a heart-shaped watch. Instead get him a watch he’s been secretly craving for, and which will make him think of you everytime he looks at it. Here are some ideas: Diver Watches   If your man likes swimming, boating or diving, a divers watch is ideal. Even if he doesn’t do […]

Blue Nail Polish and Beyonce

Ever since baby Blue Ivy arrived, proud mother Beyonce has been sported everywhere wearing different shades of blue on her nails. Obviously just the color makes her think about her baby! Here are some of the shades of blue Beyonce has been wearing, plus some suggestions of where you can get a similar shade: In […]

Royal Engagement Rings

This page looks at some of the famous engagement rings worn by royalty and advises where you can get something similar. Grace Kelly’s Engagement Ring   When Prince Rainier of Monaco got engaged to Grace Kelly (who became Princess Grace), he gave her an enormous square cut solitaire diamond ring. This was a classic design […]